About FestInfo
Fest info is an international organization that deals with the organization and promotion of a number of different festivals in several genres and focus, such as folk festivals, choir performances, dance competitions.... We are committed to spreading the popularity of all kinds of festivals and we want the general public closer to this phenomenon and show primarily rich diversity they celebrate. It is enough just to enumerate some kind of festival (art festival, beer festival, comedy festival, cultural festival, film festival, folk festival, music festival, food festival, a festival of literature, religious festival, a festival of science, theater festival, wine festival, winter festival. ..) to get an insight on the size and significance of these fantastic events.

What is our mission?
To provide our participants with a wonderful and unique experience! To guide you through the story of the most beautiful cities in Europe! To meet you with people from different cultures, countries, continents! To dance, compete and perform with the best and most unique teachers, modern and folk dance groups, and dancers all around the world! To learn from the best! To win valuable prizes! And of course to party and to have a great time!

What is our vision?
To build a successful organization, well known for being oriented to our participants needs! To achieve successful long-term cooperation with all people, groups, associations and societies, who want to be part of a beautiful experience! To create opportunity for connecting and learning from other cultures, and of course to make friendship!

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